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Italian designer’s newest Mini Yacht in a pod

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Italian design studio, Lazzarini Design, has just released the latest in its futuristic Jet Capsules range – the superlight, superfast Reptile.

We wrote about the Jet Capsule last year when it debuted at the Monaco Yacht Show – – however this new 2015 Jet Capsule Reptile is lighter, faster and, well, greener.

With its carbon fibre shell, the Reptile is a whopping half a tonne lighter than the previous edition and it is equipped as standard with a 570hp Ilmor MV8 high performance marine engine.  Lighter plus more powerful equals a lot more speed and this emerald-coloured jet-propelled bubble can reach eye-watering speeds of 50 knots (over 90kph).


The Reptile has been CE tested and approved as a ‘B class boat,’ which means it can handle waves of up to 1.5 metres.  So imagine yourself in 1.5 metre waves at 90 kph and breathe a sigh of relief when you are told that the seats are all equipped with an anti-shock suspension system.

The hull shape has been tweaked slightly from the original design to make the vessel more stable at high speeds.  It is slightly smaller than the standard Jet Capsule hull with a LOA of 7.3 metres and a beam of 3.4 metres

If you’re not willing to fork out 250,000 euros for this super-fast reptilian Jet Capsule, don’t panic, Lazzarini has just announced its 2016 range of more ‘average’ Jet Capsules which are a snip at 150,000 euros.

The standard capsules are slightly larger (7.6 metres long by 3.5 metres wide) and come with a choice of engine configurations.  Choose from petrol or diesel engines in either a single or dual setup.  Total power outputs on the standard Jet Capsule range from 370hp up to 600hp with a maximum speed of 38 knots (70 kph).


The interiors on all Jet Capsules are completely customizable.  If you just wanted to jet from A to B you could choose to have a couple of full-length benches on either side or, for a more comfortable ride, choose 12 of those anti-shock individual seats.  Or kit the cabin out with sofas and a loo and use it as a jet-propelled day boat.  If you want to turn her into a weekender maybe add a sofa bed and stick a kettle BBQ on the back, the choice is yours

Next up in the Jet Capsule range is the LivingJet, which takes the Jet Capsule hull and adds another deck.  In this intriguing new design the cabin contains a helm station and seating for four.  To aft there is enough space for an al-fresco dining area and a small covered galley area.  A sliding door discreetly covers the head.  There are steps that ascend to what can only be described as a roof terrace with plenty of room to lay out and catch a few rays.


Lazzarini is currently able to produce 30 units per year with a lead in time of nine months for the Reptile and five months for the 2016 range.

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