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Car and family friendly superyacht concept

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What are the two most important things in an ultra high net worth individual’s life?  According to Netherlands-based Sea Level Engineering, the answer is ‘cars’ and ‘family’ of course.  Thank goodness they’ve designed the CF8, an 80-metre superyacht that will transport your family, and a glass-clad showroom full of cars, around the planet in the utmost luxury

Said to be priced around 400 million pounds, the CF8 is a visionary revolutionary design concept that packs in an onboard waterfall, heated swimming pool, eight (glass-wrapped light-filled) en-suite guest cabins, a wellness area with sauna and gymnasium, cinema, car showroom (note – not just a ‘garage’), crew accommodation for 18, and a full complement of water toys to include two 10 metre tenders, four waverunners and a mini Deepflight Dragon submarine (you can read all about the delights of a Deepflight here).

CF8-embarkment cars-principle.jpeg

Simply meaning “cars and family in 80 metres”, the colossal CF8 curiously puts the ‘C’ first and the designers are keen to emphasise that the car showroom can hold up to eight of the owner’s cars.  This makes her ideal for those who intend to drive off and around when they pull into harbour, or who simply like to keep an eye on the fleet and show them off to guests and passersby via the glassy exhibition room.  A hydraulic platform makes embarking/disembarking the vehicles a piece of cake.  Apparently inspiration for the 100-cubic-metre salon came from the renowned Louwman Car Museum in The Hague.

Thankfully, the family is just as well cared for, particularly those members with a passion for water.  At the heart of the CF8 is a breathtaking swimming pool, heated for year-round use, and fed by a waterfall that flows from the top deck right through the centre of the vessel.  This pool morphs into a dance floor as night falls.  And, with six decks to contend with, including a dedicated owner’s deck with 170m² of private indoor space and 250m² of exterior deck complete with eight-person Jacuzzi, it’s useful to know that there are two lifts to transport you up and down.  Speaking of transport, a helipad takes pride of place on the foredeck when a car just won’t do.

CF-8-artist impression-04.jpeg

The fanciful Dutch designers predict an 18-knot top speed for this mighty vessel and a range of 5,000 nautical miles – for comparison, the Atlantic is less than 3,500 nautical miles across at its very widest point in the deep south, so no fuel fears for the captain of CF8.  Furthermore, the sharp bow and aerodynamic sports car profile will surely make for a stable and smooth ride as you float between the continents.

Sea Level Design Director, Jeroen van der Knaap, and Yacht Design Talent, Niels Ruiter, said in their media release, “We are yacht designers, creative professionals that feel comfortable in the yachting industry.  We listen to clients, visualise their desires into images, we interact with brokers and people of the yards, and there is more… Seeing, hearing and learning new footage, music and imagery inspire people.  In turn, creatives get inspired by new influences as well and should lead to new concepts. To our target audience and yachting industry we feel happily obliged for shaping and envisioning the yachting future.”

CF8-studio render-04.jpeg

As it’s a concept, and sadly there are so many amazing designers with equally amazing concepts around, it may never see the light of day.  But if there’s a super-rich person out there with the vision and the car collection, Sea Level Engineering are poised to get the CF8 into production.


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