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Gallic yard unveils a mighty Cat

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The Chinese may have other ideas but, in the nautical world, 2016 is for sure the Year of the Cat.  Manufacturers are unveiling plans for bigger and better catamarans and Bordeaux-based Lagoon, arguably the multihull market leader, is no different.  In autumn this year their brand new flagship will hit the water – the Lagoon Seventy 7.

Building sail-powered cruising catamarans since 1984, and with a range previously spanning 38 feet to 62 feet, Lagoon’s Seventy 7 is the new flagship of the fleet.  This is a big one, much to the delight of the designers, “A large yacht is a boat where there is no farther need for compromise. All compromise vanishes as dimensions increase, you become free to design space without any limits.”

Under the project management of Yannick Leroux, the Seventy 7 boasts interiors by Massimo Gino of Nauta Design, Italy, working in conjunction with Marc Van Peteghem (naval architect and co-founder of VLPL), Patrick Le Quément (former Chief Designer for Renault motorcars) and Bruno Belmont (head of the sailing yacht division for Beneteau Group – of which Lagoon has been a part since the mid 1990s), this mighty cat has a lot to live up to when its unveiled in a few months time.

Promising a harmonious in-out atmosphere, and particular attention to the way windows frame both light and views, details of the exact design and layout of the Seventy 7 are scant (despite a very smart whizzy website), but designer Massimo probably gives us the best insight.

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“The general arrangement can be considered as a net space that offers various combinations of layout, according to different functions, needs, and use of space. Two VIP cabins can become a meeting room or a movie theatre. You can choose between an aft or forward galley layout with theirs en suite crew cabins; or between owner up or owner down solution, with two or three VIP and guest cabins with queen size or twins bed. For the interiors, we have combined and selected elegant details, luxury finishing and materials, as we are used to apply on our many custom superyacht projects.”

Onboard systems are also being given priority with Yannick saying, “The monitoring system, which is intended as supplementary to the boat’s core operating systems, are already highly sophisticated.  This system will provide the owner with great ease of operation, incredible capabilities, without causing inconvenience to the crew and in terms of life on board in the event of snags.”

He indicates that the Seventy 7 will be able to be sailed in a very traditional manner or operate in full hi-tech mode.

Aside from the Seventy 7, a new Lagoon 42 and SporTop range (450 S and 52 S) also join the growing French-built fleet.


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