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Fully Sustainable Floating Pad

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What if a shark turns up at your bedroom window? Any ideas where the rubbish and other waste goes? Do you realise how long it will take to travel the globe at four miles an hour? Doesn’t it get chucked around like a Ping-Pong ball in a storm? These are just some of the concerns a curious onlooking public has raised regarding the all-new Unidentified Floating Object or UFO. But let’s not knock it until we’ve explored it.

From the makers of Jet Capsule (a lightweight superfast jet-propelled bubble – comes the UFO, a “living, floating house”. Comprised of two fibreglass half-sphere shells (one above and one below the water) to host passengers, and a floating disc for use as a sundeck and garden, this flying-saucer-like pod is intended to be a two-storey self-sufficient home.


Presumably designed for adventurous holidays, or perhaps a time when population growth and sea level rise dictates we have to make better use of our vast oceans, the cute little waterborne spaceships measure 12.5 metres across at their widest with the central sphere having a diameter of 5.5 metres and a generous 2.2 metre head height both upstairs and downstairs.

Although possible configurations are endless, in the blueprint the upper floor is dedicated to a lounge/dining and kitchen area while downstairs has a see-through bathroom and bedroom-cum-observation area to admire beautiful sea creatures – praying they don’t include the aforementioned sharks. Meanwhile the floating disc is very much customisable according to tastes allowing for a vegetable patch, mini running track or just a hammock strung between some trees.


The Naples-based designers, Pierpaolo Lazzarini and Luca Solla, say the UFO is completely autonomous and will make its own power using wind or water turbines alongside solar panels. A generator would turn salt and rainwater into drinking water (and fresh water to irrigate the garden) to keep her self-sufficient at all times. The Italians also reassure that it couldn’t get lost bobbing along on the waves, as the UFO would align to a compass and stay on a set course, or indeed be tethered to the seabed via a special elastic anchor system that maintains both position and stability. She is said to be unsinkable even in the roughest sea conditions

Rather slower than their zippy 50 knot Jet Capsule, this UFO is equipped with a waterjet-propelled Torqeedo Deep Blue 1800 electric motor and ambles along at a steady 3.5 knots, around 4 miles per hour, meaning a straight-line journey from Barcelona on mainland Spain to the Balearic island of Mallorca would take a monumental 28 hours.


Jet Capsule is currently looking for investors to build a real life-working prototype at an estimated cost of 800,000 USD. After that, they say the production cost will be around 200,000 USD per unit, rather less than your average house or houseboat – albeit a darn sight smaller.

I am afraid we still haven’t come up with a suitable response to the shark v fibreglass concerns.


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