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Introducing the remarkable Mercedes-Benz of the sea

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They’re all at it; first came the Aston Martin (view post), then the Bugatti Niniette redux (view post) and now Mercedes have entered into the fray with the Arrow460-Granturismo. This eagerly awaited sports boat has taken four years to enter the water but what a splash it’s made.

The story began at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show (view post) where Mercedes-Benz Style together with Silver Arrows Marine presented renderings and sketches of a possible yacht they were going to create. Fast-forward to 2016 and those renderings have been brought to life and the stunning sports boat has just been sea-trialled down the road in Nice as part of the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet.

It is known as the ‘Silver Arrow of the Seas’ and the Arrow460-Granturismo fits the name down to a tee being sleek and silver and very… pointy. The name is a nod to the legendary Formula One cars of the 1930s, which were known as Silver Arrows (Silberpfeil).

Mercedes-Benz Style is the design division of the German car manufacturer and, in addition to this amazing luxury sports boat they have also developed luxury apartments, first class airline cabins and posh sunglasses.


The Vice President of Merc’s mother company Daimler AG, Gorden Wagener, said: “Together with Silver Arrows Marine we have managed to develop a totally new boat concept. The ‘Silver Arrow of the Seas’ embodies Mercedes-Benz’s progressive, dynamic design idiom of sensual purity on the water and weds it to perfect functionality. ARROW460-Granturismo is sure to cause a stir on the seas and at marinas throughout the world.”

The boat is designed for use as a day or weekend sailer. The 46 footer seats ten comfortably during the day and, once the guests have gone home, the sofas convert to beds at the push of a button and she becomes a luxurious Pied-A-Terre (or should that be Pied-a-Mer?).

The cabin can be opened completely when required, the large side windows are retractable, and the windscreen can be raised to form a glass roof. The glass on the boat uses Mercedes-Benz’s MAGIC SKY CONTROL, which lightens and darkens the glass at the push of a button. If you believe in magic look away now – it’s actually achieved by passing a current through the glass that aligns light-absorbing microscopic particles known as suspended particle devices (SPD) in such a way to allow light to pass through them. Switch the current off and they become randomly aligned and light cannot pass through.


The interior is finished with fine-grained eucalyptus and oozes luxury. Everything operates at the push of a button and nothing squeaks. If the weather is inclement and you want to keep the windows closed there is air-con, if you fancy a tipple there’s even a wine cellar.

Decision SA, a Groupe Carboman company near Lausanne in Switzerland, has constructed the first ARROW460-Granturismo.

The starting price of the limited edition yacht is a mere $1,688,000.


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