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Silent Unsinkable Sustainable on the Water Dining

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A trio of Danish impresarios have just launched the 5-metre RAND Picnic, an unsinkable electric boat made out of recycled plastic bottles. The Picnic name comes from the layout these are social boats which seat ten around a central ‘picnic’ table.

Originally the Picnic was designed as a charter boat to rent to tourists in Copenhagen. The easiest way to describe them is electric rowing boats – a bigger, better version of the sort you would rent on a summer’s day in England. For starters Picnics are self-bailing and unsinkable, and so could be piloted by Jonah himself without a worry. Their green credentials are also out of this world, not only do they use an electric motor, so no noise and no smelly emissions but also it is possible to go even greener with a 50-watt solar option currently available, and a 72-watt panel in the pipeline. Oh and did we mention the hulls are made from recycled plastic bottles? This is the ultimate eco boat.


Three entrepreneurs set up the Company from Copenhagen – Kai Rand, Kasper Eich-Romme and Anders Mørck. Eich-Romme and architect Rand went to school together. “We’ve had wonderful experiences in our own boats and realised that Copenhagen was missing a plug-and-play sailing experience,” says Rand. After coming up with the idea, a friend put them in touch with Mørck who is a business graduate with a passion for start-ups.

For the Picnic, ‘eco’ doesn’t mean ‘ugly’. The boats have wood interior detailing made with Kebony. Developed in Norway, Kebony is an environmentally friendly-patented process that essentially turns sustainably sourced softwood into a hardwood by the addition of a bio-based liquid. The process permanently modifies the wood cell walls and Kebony has the characteristics and appearance of a hardwood.


Rand who worked on the concept for eight months prior to launch designed the boat. “It’s designed to feel safe, but it also had to have a sharp, Scandinavian aesthetic,” he says. “It has a strong reference to old Danish fishing boats, which have a well in the middle and a wide freeboard edge where you can sit.”

With the largest battery options available you can travel for ten hours on a single charge.

There are two models available, the RAND Picnic with a central ‘picnic’ table. Or, if you want something a bit sexier, then the Picnic Sport is the eco boat for you. It shares the same hull as the Picnic but a central helm console with a wheel and lots of electronic bells and whistles replaces the central table.


The 5 metre boats are wide and stable with a 205 cm beam and can easily seat up to ten people.

Prices start from an affordable 9,995 euros for the Picnic and 12,950 euros for the Picnic Sport – engines and batteries are extra. The budget engine option, the Torqeedo Travel 503 L 1.5 HP (which includes a battery) is a mere 1,549 euros, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more oomph then you might want to consider the Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 (48 volt) 20 HP, which will set you back a tad more at 7,049 euros.


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