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Signature Edition Floating Retreat

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At the tail end of 2015, Dubai-based property developer, Kleindienst Group, advised us that the first real life Floating Seahorse was on its way.  Sure enough the debut three-storey floating villa (a sort of boat but without propulsion) was popped into the Arabian Gulf, some 4km offshore Dubai’s coastline, on 15 December, and provides a working show home for this ambitious scheme.

Hot on the heels of the Seahorse debutante came news that a new Signature Edition is in the making.  Bigger and better than your standard Floating Seahorse (not that there is anything remotely ‘standard’ about these marine boltholes) the Signature spans 4,004 square feet over three levels and has four flexi living/sleeping areas making it large enough for up to eight adults and eight children.  This is big.

The eight main rooms are arranged as follows:  a Sky Majlis (Arabic for ‘place of sitting’) and Sky Bedroom on the upper level, a Sea Family Room and Sea Bedroom at sea level, and a totally submerged Underwater Ladies Room, Master Bedroom, Coral Entertainment Room and Coral Guest Bedroom at below-sea level.  By day, they can serve the purpose you choose and need, by night they can all become luxury sleeping accommodation.


Perhaps the luckiest guests will be those submerged beneath the waters.  Without so much as getting their hair wet (unless they’re pampering themselves in the en-suite of course) they will enjoy literally jaw-dropping up-close-and-personal views of the coral garden and vibrant marine life.  And, at this level, space is at a massive premium, no less than 861 square feet of living area and 600 square feet of coral garden.  No chance of claustrophobia for Signature Edition owners

An east meets west fusion, the Signature Edition is inspired by Emirati culture and lifestyle while being crafted by European architects and designers.  Each of the three storeys can be adapted to suit the owners’ needs.  Furthermore they can opt for fully enclosed outdoor areas at sea and upper level, for maximum privacy, or throw the concealing curtains wide open for al-fresco entertaining – a year-round possibility thanks to clever climate control technology. In fact, the whole villa benefits from state-of-the-art technology including smart home automation.


Finally, building on the ‘Signature’ ethos, owners can personalize their Floating Seahorse to their heart’s content.  Kleindienst will spread out a range of floorings, kitchens, bathrooms, soft furnishings and more, to choose from, thus ensuring that their Signature Edition will never be the same as anyone else’s.

Such bespoke luxury does come at a premium however, and the 40 Signature Edition Floating Seahorses now being designed, engineered and built in the UAE will be priced at a princely 12 million AED each, that’s around 2.25 million pounds.  But, by the time the first phase is complete in October 2016, you will be the proud of owner of a unique, idyllic, exclusive floating holiday retreat in the heart of the Gulf – and who can put a price on that

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