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Dutch float luxury living in Emirates

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The floating villa has become a juggernaut of a trend.  From the Floating Seahorse to ABIFLOAT and Ome to Kokomo Ailand, we’ve written about them all on MarinaLive! – but there’s always space for one more.  Allow us to introduce you to Waterlovt.

Considered to be the world’s greenest floating home, Waterlovt takes the concept of houseboat and then sends it to a whole new level.

While Floating Seahorse has carved out its niche in Dubai, Waterlovt is targeting a similar high-end luxury market but 100km or so down the coastline in Abu Dhabi.  However, despite its Emirati environs, it’s very much a Dutch concept with its roots firmly in Holland.


Conceived just over a year ago by yacht captain, marina manager, event planner, fleet manager and serial entrepreneur, Berend Lens van Rijn, the idea of a Waterlovt came to him while he was trying to find an apartment to rent.  Prices were high so he started to consider luxury living on the water and decided that Abu Dhabi would be the perfect spot for Waterlovt to flourish.  A year later and his fancy houseboats are already being designed and engineered.

The Dutch have water in their DNA (18.4% of The Netherlands is covered in water, from lakes to rivers to canals) so boatbuilding, and houseboat building, is part of the country’s heritage.  They’re very good at it and the world-class Dutch boat builder behind Waterlovt promises that your home will be every bit as solid, safe and comfortable as one built on dry land – but with a whole bunch more freedom and some magnificent views.

The Waterlovt itself is based around the structure of a barge and currently comes in four sizes:  a two-bedroom Waterlovt 90 with an internal area of 90m², a two-bedroom 120 with 120m² of living space, a two-to-four bedroom 180 with (you guessed it) 180m² of internal living space and the largest four-bedroom Waterlovt 240 with 240m² of internal accommodation.   A certain amount of flexibility allows owners to customise their floorplans accordingly.


There’s no engine, so the Waterlovt is towed into position.  And, keeping on the no-engine eco theme, it’s built from natural materials that could be recycled easily, if necessary, and the entire home can be completely self-sufficient.  If you want to be off-grid daytime only, Waterlovt has a solar power system that can do exactly that.  If you want to be off-grid 24/7, Waterlovt will add battery packs and a standby whisper generator.  All can be hooked up to shore-based mains power if needed.  A desalinisation system transforms seawater into drinking water (producing 30 litres per hour) while a sewage treatment unit makes wastewater safe for discharge into the open Gulf.

Bearing in mind its Abu Dhabi address, Berend and his team have thought hard about keeping Waterlovt cool.  Smart glass in the large picture windows darkens in sunlight, and the floor is ventilated with heat ducts providing heating and cooling capabilities.  Meanwhile air conditioning units will be designed to work in combination with the solar power and battery packs.  Intelligent home automation and entertainment systems can be fitted to suit owners’ needs.  Safety comes first, with detection alarms for smoke, carbon monoxide and if the Waterlovt springs any unwelcome leaks.

The first 20 Waterlovts are on order, we hope we get invited for a glass of desalinised water when they’re towed into position so we can see this ultramodern way of living in action.

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